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 Swedon (Pokemon)

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Character sheet
Name/Age: Nick/8
Poke's: Not Needed.
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PostSubject: Swedon (Pokemon)   Swedon (Pokemon) I_icon_minitimeWed May 26, 2010 5:21 pm

Pokemon: Swedon
Type: Normal/Dark
Moves: Sweet Scent, Taunt, Sweet Snack, Gumdrop
Level: 50
History: The Swedon are a strange species that live in a hidden world known as the Sweet Dreams. The name comes from the fact that everything is made of candy, not that it's a nice place. Swedon aren't very nice in general, and nearly all of the ones that leave their hidden world become outlaws. They are all obsessive about candy, and it's their favorite thing to steal. There are a lot more of them then most Legendary pokemon, but they're still uncommon due to the fact that they mostly stay in their world.


Swedon (Pokemon) Swedon

Stage: Sweet Dreams
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Character sheet
Name/Age: Piky Chu, 11
Poke's: 27440
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PostSubject: Re: Swedon (Pokemon)   Swedon (Pokemon) I_icon_minitimeThu May 27, 2010 9:40 am


Swedon (Pokemon) Piky_c16

Name: Piky
Pokemon: Pikachu
Moves: Thunder shock,Sweet kiss,Tackle,Quick Attack
Level: 22

Name: Riolu
Pokemon: Riolu
Moves: Force Palm, Tackle, Teleport, Quick Attack
Level: 21

Teacher Me:
Name: Coz
Pokemon: Bagon
Moves: Dragon Rage, Roll Out, Tackle, Bounce
Level: 35

Swedon (Pokemon) BFuT2FRXzGZsxDZN2DQ

Swedon (Pokemon) BDZX4DvrvGuTxFuNz

Swedon (Pokemon) BDZNxFZQzGuTxFuNz

Swedon (Pokemon) BDZNxFRi3GuTxFuNz

Swedon (Pokemon) BDZNxFRi4GuTxFuNz

Swedon (Pokemon) BDZNxFRi2GuTxFuNz
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Swedon (Pokemon)
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