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 A Secret Potal...

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Name/Age: Piky Chu, 11
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PostSubject: A Secret Potal...   A Secret Potal... I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 10, 2011 4:01 am

Piky was having a nice walk in the mountain, when he saw a strange light coming from a cave, so he went over to have a look, tripped over and fell head first into a strange pink and white portal that looked like candy... (Moving to custom stage sweet dreams)

I play ROBLOX! as mr1coolo1 in this free player-made hangout I found

A Secret Potal... Piky_c16

Name: Piky
Pokemon: Pikachu
Moves: Thunder shock,Sweet kiss,Tackle,Quick Attack
Level: 22

Name: Riolu
Pokemon: Riolu
Moves: Force Palm, Tackle, Teleport, Quick Attack
Level: 21

Teacher Me:
Name: Coz
Pokemon: Bagon
Moves: Dragon Rage, Roll Out, Tackle, Bounce
Level: 35

A Secret Potal... BFuT2FRXzGZsxDZN2DQ

A Secret Potal... BDZX4DvrvGuTxFuNz

A Secret Potal... BDZNxFZQzGuTxFuNz

A Secret Potal... BDZNxFRi3GuTxFuNz

A Secret Potal... BDZNxFRi4GuTxFuNz

A Secret Potal... BDZNxFRi2GuTxFuNz
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A Secret Potal...
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